Church leadership

From K.A.: Who are the elders, and where are they? Does the church have to pay for elder-leadership? why??? Why aren’t there more biblical/theological elders in our churches?

My Response: I think the lack of leadership we see in many churches was a result of the lack of Bible-centered teaching/training that ministers received during the “dark ages.”

When we interviewed the Pattersons during the SBC Convention in 2004, Dr. Paige Patterson mentioned that there was a “gap in leadership” due to past liberalism in our seminaries. It’s only logical to assume that the graduates from liberal teachings then pastored churches, but without a solid Biblical foundation, they were unable to grow spiritual leaders within their congregation. I’m not saying that this is the reason for a lack of elder leadership in your church, but it explains the lack of leadership in other churches.

I have not verified the contents of this one particular website, but if the statistics are accurate, then it only shows how a liberal seminary education leads to disbelief in the Bible. Check it out:


  1. bill daniel · November 5, 2006

    I love the depth and wisdom that I percieve in the “My Response:” sections. As a further comment on the absence of elders in the church today, in a church I was once a member of the pastor’s response to my sugestion of incorporating elders (unpaid) to raise him up in prayer and to help him make decisions affecting the church, he said “they would never come to a unanimous decision”. After several attempts at more discussion on the topic, I gave up and moved on. He has since hired some people that the church is paying to assist/guide him. My conclusion at this chain of events is that it really is just about the money. The pastor inexplicably doesn’t feel a group of elders will come to his conclusion. Therefore he will hire outside ‘proffessionals’ to come to it, or that he trusts or …
    I should not be shocked at his analysis but he makes all the decisions affecting the church either individually or through puppet groups (coersion) and became hyper defensive during our discussions which lead me to this conclusion. The pastor has unhealthy motives and is fearful of being revealed. Too often the church is seen as a source of financial wealth for immature clergy. I’m looking for a healthy church in this world. Should I be optimistic?

  2. teresa4christ · November 5, 2006

    Unfortunately, there are no perfect churches. Wouldn’t it be great to find an “Acts 2” church?

    I think we are placed in a church to do a certain ministry, but when we are no longer effective in that particular church then we need to find another place to serve. Sometimes our time at a certain church is for “a season” so that God’s work can be accomplished through us.

    God had a reason for you to be in an unhealthy church. Often we have no idea why we encountered the things we do until several months or years later. Nothing happens by accident, so we have to trust God that what happens in our lives is meant for our good so that it will make us stronger Christians by drawing us closer to Him.

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