God Our Teacher: Theological Basics in Christian Education by Robert W. Pazmino

Pazmino’s book is helpful for new Christian teachers to understand the concept of teaching that is explicitly Christian. It is a reminder for seasoned Christian teachers that their teaching focus should never waiver from Christ. I agree with Pazmino that Christian education encompasses proclamation, community formation, service, advocacy, and worship.

Sunday school and Discipleship teachers present Christ to their students through the Bible while using their words and actions. Teachers then educate their students so that one day they will tell others about Jesus, share each other’s burdens, do ministry, intercede in prayer, and glorify God. This is the process that Pazmino describes as “formation and transformation of person as beings for others (21).”

Overall, I enjoyed reading Pazmino’s book because he encapsulates principles central to the teachings of Christianity. He dissects the topic of Christian education and presents the various parts to the reader. This is a book all new Christian teachers should read.

Pazmino’s six “theological teachings” summarizes the main points of his book:

– “God is the starting point of Christian education” (35)

– “We teach: God transforms sin through salvation” (57)

– “Jesus Christ provides a model for teaching that transcends time” (86)

– “The Holy Spirit empowers us for teaching” (112)

– “God works through us to accomplish His mission in the world” (132)

– “God wants us to embrace the future of Christian education with living hope” (157)


 Copyright © 2007 M. Teresa Trascritti

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