Christian administrator in a secular environment

From K.A.:  I wonder, really, what difference there is for a Christian who administers? What distinction does the setting bring to the administrative practice between church and secular? Do the biblical imperatives only apply to what we do in the church organization?

My Response:  The answer to your question: “what difference there is for a Christian who administers?” is there is no difference. If a person is Christian, then he/she leads an organization using Christian principles. My youngest son was in a great public elementary school in Kentucky. I think the reason it was great is that the principal was a Christian. He used Christian principles to lead teachers and teach students (treat others the way you want to be treated, everyone has a purpose, etc.). The place “felt” different.

Parents knew there was something different about the school. The word got around that the school had such a positive environment (led by a supportive principal) that they had to turn down several resumes each year. It turns out that the principal also hired Christian teachers. Even though they were not allowed to openly discuss Christianity, there was always somebody ready to explain the gospel if the question was asked.

One comment

  1. Marie France Trascritti · November 8, 2006

    great comment, so true and a christian can do great
    work among the people of the world. I have 3 christian
    ladies working in my office and we can share and help
    others greatly.

    love, mom

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