This was something I shared with a friend and thought it might encourage someone else…

I have come to realize that the things (good or bad) that happen in our life was meant to happen. I think God uses it to build us up, shape us, humble us, etc. If things were perfect, then we would not have a need to cling to God. I think when we struggle with things it helps us to grow close to Him– we have nowhere or no one to turn to but Him. Whenever I am afraid, I know it is Satan. I still struggle with building close relationships and it used to cause problems in my marriage. I have to make a conscious effort to break through that fear. I remind myself that all things are possible with God… that God does not give us a spirit of timidity… and through Christ I have the strength to do all things. All of us have something we are struggling with. I think it is sad when some people pretend that they are living perfect lives because they are isolating themselves from others who can walk along side them in their struggle. I think struggles make us stronger– if we can go through our struggles everyday, then we can face anything!

Copyright © 2010 M. Teresa Trascritti

One comment

  1. Mark · July 6, 2010

    No one can share a meal of sensitivity without first having eaten the bread of suffering.

    Thank you Teresa.

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