Who Am I?

Recently, I found out that my estranged sister had been telling people that I was not her full-blooded sister– that my mother was pregnant from another man when when she met my father. I remember my mother telling me that she was in love with an Italian guy and that he left (he was stationed in the Philippines but his duty was finished so he was sent back on the ship). She said she waited for him to come back but he never did (I’m not sure how long she waited for him). She said she told her friends that the first American that has never been to the PI (Philippines) to walk through the door will be the man she will marry– well that was my father. She mentioned that she was 8 months pregnant when she married my father, stating that they had a civil ceremony but they had to make it official on base and there was a lot of red tape so it took a while to have the official ceremony.

Now that I think about it, my sister had been insinuating this for a number of years now– “Your hair and your eyes look different than me and David’s (my younger brother)…”, “David and I look alike but you look different…” One time she actually said, “Dad doesn’t think that you are really his daughter but he treats you like one.”

Last night, I sent a text to my mother (I can’t call her because it costs her too much to receive calls on her cell phone). I told her what my sister had been saying– that I’m not really my father’s daughter and that my father is actually an Italian guy. I went to bed and woke up this morning thinking that I would get a text back stating, “What? I can’t believe she would say such a thing” (or something to that effect, but I had no text from her). Giving her the benefit of the doubt (maybe her battery died, maybe she didn’t see the text yet, etc.), I sent her another text, “Did you get my last text? I didn’t hear back from you so I’m just checking.” It’s night time there so maybe she’s asleep already. I’ll wait until tonight to see if I get a response from her.

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