Day Two of being meatless

I am really trying to remain meatless. My stomach can’t handle meat anymore so it makes sense to stop eating it. Today I contacted a few people to get rid of the turkeys we have in the freezer. I had planned on roasting one for Christmas, but now I guess we will have to eat something else. I love the taste of roast turkey and I will miss eating it this year. I am a little sad about that.

I ate leftovers today. It was alright but I noticed that I got hungry faster. I ate at lunch time but started to get hungry at 2 or 3:00 pm. I ate an apple. A couple hours after that I wanted to eat more. I hope I’m not eating too much. I can’t seem to gauge the right amount of food to eat now that I’m eating nothing but vegetables. I hope I figure it out soon.

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