The meaning of my dream

Something I shared with a friend:

The vivid dream that I had about a possessed TV and a voice telling me, “You are too weak… it will overtake you,” made me realize that I have to do more Bible studies/devotions and to dedicate myself more to the Lord. It’s so easy to get distracted in the U.S. As I was trying to fight a demon in my dream, a voice said, “You are weak… it will over take you.” I am now trying to read and pray in the morning before I do anything and at night before I go to sleep. I really need to properly put on God’ armor so that I can be strong.

We trained pastors in Pokhara. Many of them were from rural towns—one man traveled for three days just to attend the training, and another actually walked for a day then rode a bus for a day and a half. They only know basic Bible but have some confusion about the role of men and women in ministry. It was good just to help them sort through all that and to reinforce that they need to devote themselves to the Word before they minister to people because if they are weak in the Word then they will not be able to properly equip the people.


We were in Pokhara for a week. Our days were long– we taught from 8 am to 6 pm at night, but even though we were tired, it was such a blessing. We were able to build some relationships with people in the community. Some of them remembered us and a few spoke English– this made it easier to talk to them. Pray for Nethoy and her family, for Harry, and for Anjana and her family. Anjana’s father has a liver problem and I am hoping that God will heal him.

We are back home now– it’s good to be back home. Now we have to put into practice what we have learned. We thought that we were there to teach others, and we did, but most importantly God taught us. He is so good!

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