Wouldn’t it be great to know your own future? It would be so easy to make decisions and to plan a direction in life, but it doesn’t work like that. We get a “big picture” of our future from the Bible, but nothing more specific– Where will I work? Will I travel? Will I be in good health?

I have no idea what 2013 will be like. I hope it will be uneventful and that my loved ones will be with me as we celebrate the beginning of 2014. I found out that one of my son’s friends, a boy only 20 years old, died in a car accident a couple of days ago. Life is not guaranteed– we don’t know if we have a “tomorrow” on this Earth. I am hoping to see my mother this year. I haven’t seen her in about 17 years.  She’s in her mid 70’s and I am not sure how long she will live. Maybe I will have enough money saved to see her by September or October. We will see.

Many people make resolutions– some keep them. I just want to be a better Christian. We’ve already started to do this by doing devotions and praying together, so this isn’t a new resolution– just one I would like to continue. I also read my Bible at night before I sleep. Still that doesn’t seem enough. Sometimes I wish I had a regular schedule so I can plan everything but my schedule changes every month. I found out that in another month, my days will be very hectic. I am trying hard not to feel overwhelmed. I wanted to really enjoy my Christmas break, but it went by so fast. I really didn’t do any of the fun things I wanted to do. Maybe there will be another break in the near future. Beyond my breaks, I am hoping to make steady progress in my spiritual growth.

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