Star Wars

I didn’t get very good sleep last night. I went to bed at midnight and it seemed like I woke up every 2 or 3 hours. I finally got out of bed at about 7:30. I was a little dizzy and very tired, but I forced myself to workout. My time and distance was not very good (6.5 miles in 77.37 min—6.2 miles in 73.59 min), but considering I didn’t want to work out in the first place I guess it was decent. When I was on the treadmill, struggling to jog, I looked over at the Star Wars DVD release poster on the wall (I can’t afford the original movie poster).


I thought about the first time I saw Star Wars during opening week at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. It was so exciting, especially since there were two storm troopers there (they were rarely seen back then). What a great memory from my childhood. Then I thought about all the terrible memories I had. Notice that I used the word “had” rather than “have”—even though they are bad memories the emotions that used to be tied to them are no longer there. One day, after praying for several years, I realized that I no longer felt sad or angry when I thought about my past. I came across these Scripture verses today:

“The young women will dance for joy… I will turn their mourning into joy. I will comfort them and exchange their sorrow for rejoicing… This is what the LORD says: ‘A cry is heard in Ramah— deep anguish and bitter weeping… Do not weep any longer… There is hope for your future,” says the LORD” (Jeremiah 31:13, 15-17, NLT).

God is so good!

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