Bad things happen

My husband and I are reading through Genesis and we are now at the part about Joseph. We just finished reading about Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams. It made me think about all the things he went through prior to that point— stripped of his clothing, thrown into a deep hole in the ground by his own brothers, sold to strangers, worked as a household servant, being falsely accused of attempted rape, and thrown in jail. I can only imagine what he must have felt—betrayed, scared, confused, lonely, etc. He had no idea that all of these situations were a part of God’s plan.


It made me think about all the bad things that I had been through—tough circumstances that made me wonder if God was really there. Looking back, I can see that even though Satan “intended to harm me,” God “intended it all for good” (Gen 50:20). If I had never experienced all the negative things in my life then my heart might not have been receptive in accepting Christ as my Savior, and I would not have seen God’s miraculous work in my life nor would I have received His blessings. It made me realize that even bad things are a part of God’s plan—I just have to remember that when I am in the midst of a bad situation.

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