Such a time as this

Today I am teaching a class on campus. This is the first onsite class I have taught since my trip to Nepal. It was in Nepal that I had a dream that changed the way I “do church.” I used to only attend Bible study and Sunday morning worship, and I read the Bible sporadically; but since that dream my husband and I read the Bible together every day and then we pray, and at night I read the Bible on my own. I also attend evening worship and Wednesday services.

I believe that my armor is continually getting stronger and my sword is more sharpened than it was in the past. My desire now is to go to this class and allow God to speak through me so that every one of the students there can be changed. I think this is appropriate because the class focuses on personal adjustment and changes, and it is taught in a Christian university.

Could it be that all this preparation was meant for “such a time as this”? (A reference to Esther 4:14). I will go to this class as if I am heading into a spiritual battlefield.

What kind of preparations have you been taking to enter your battlefield? What have you been doing to strengthen your armor and sharpen your weapon?

Copyright © 2013 M. Teresa Trascritti

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