The worse Mother’s Day ever

Sunday was Mother’s Day. Instead of having a traditional meal with our children, my husband and I decided to go to a baseball game. We rushed out of the church in order to get to the ball park in time for the free tote bag giveaway (they were giving out a limited amount to women in honor of Mother’s Day). However, when we got to the ball park, we discovered that all the bags were gone. That was the start of the worse Mother’s Day ever.

Not only were the bags all gone, but the seats we had were not very good— I had an obstructed view of home plate. It was cold and windy, and the refrigerated lunch we picked up at the ball park was stale (my husband actually got sick from his food).

The day was terrible. Although I had a miserable time at the game, I realized that the problem wasn’t the ball park or the weather but that it was Mother’s Day and I was without my family. My children had lunch without us—they were like orphans on Mother’s Day.

Sometimes we do things that may initially sound like a good idea, but later we find out that what we did was actually a mistake—that was exactly what happened on Mother’s Day. The women at the game had their children with them—I was childless.

Psalm 127:3 says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him” (NLT). Not until today did I realize that spending time with my children is almost like an act of worship to God—it is acknowledging that He has given me these children (and grandchildren) and in my appreciation to Him, I am enjoying my time with my family. James 1:17 reminds me, “Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father” (NLT).

I felt like I had taken my children for granted this last Mother’s Day. Time is short—I need to enjoy as much time with them as possible.

Copyright © 2013 Dr. M. Teresa Trascritti

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