Big Island, Hawaii, Day 2- Photo blog

We started our first morning in Pahoa, Hawaii, awaiting the sunrise. We were a little disappointed since it was cloudy and we didn’t actually see the sun, but it was still a beautiful sight.


I am just amazed about the beauty of this place. I am also very thankful that our rental house is so close to Wai’opae Ponds (part of the Kapoho Tide Pools)—literally just outside the back part of the house—we only walk a few steps and we’re there!


ImageWe decided to head into downtown Pahoa to buy a few groceries for the week.


We saw a small diner along the way so we parked the car and ordered breakfast. We loved our Island Breakfast!

ImageOur drive took us through a patch of very tall trees and long vines—it was both awesome and scary at the same time.


At the grocery store we found the baked good that I wanted to try. We had some in the car and continued eating it throughout the day.   Image

On drive back “home,” we stopped at the Lava Tree State Park since it was on our way. I can only imagine what this place must have looked like before the lava came and burnt down most of the foliage.  

ImageImageImageSome of the trees apparently “survived” the lava flow— their trunks were still upright and intact. Now they look like large stone structures.



After putting away our groceries, we rested for a bit then got ready for snorkeling. I bought an underwater camera, so I’ll have to upload those pictures today then post them on an addendum blog.  Genesis 1:1, “…God created the heavens and the earth.”

Copyright © 2013 Dr. M. Teresa Trascritti

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