Our trip to the “Kona side” of the island

I guess no visit to Hawaii would be complete without a luau. Since we are staying in the Hilo-side of the island, the only luaus are in the Kona-side (the place where most tourists stay). I thought the price for our tickets were a little steep but we didn’t have much of a choice.

It took us 2 ½ hours to drive through the deserted mountains to get to Kona. The landscape reminded me of what Mars or some other planet might look like—barren, desolate, and a little scary.


ImageAt one point the temperature dropped to 56 degrees (the temperature was 89 degrees at the bottom of the mountain); it was also a little rainy.


Kona was beautiful. The town is situated on the hillside overlooking the ocean. I can see why this was the tourist destination on the island. There were many people, many cars, lots of buses, and some cruise ships—very different from the part of the island we were staying.

When we arrived for the luau, we were greeted with shell leis, and then we had our picture taken (I like the picture that I took of us).



My husband was able to practice with one of the dancers before dinner.


We watched as the sun slowly descended in the distance—what a beautiful sunset!



Then it was time for the “unearthing” of the roasted pig (http://youtu.be/n1ClzYMrq1Y). Then as the last-minute dinner preparations were being made, the host prayed “in Jesus’ name” in the Hawaiian language (I guess so he wouldn’t offend anyone who didn’t believe in Jesus).


ImageImageDinner was good, but we ate so much—this is the bad thing about buffets and high ticket prices—I feel like I have to eat as much as I can to get my “money’s worth.”


ImageAfter dinner, the show began. My husband said it was a lot like the shows he’s seen in Disney World, but the only difference was the fire dancer (http://youtu.be/rpMvHcu4Ua4).


ImageImageThe luau ended at around 8 pm. Since we were still not adjusted to the time (8 pm was like 2 am for us), we decided to stay in Kona. We found a place and thought that it was a good deal, but when we checked in we were charged an extra $30 “resort fee.” We couldn’t cancel our reservations since we made them through Priceline’s “name your price.”


The best part of our trip to Kona was our drive back along the coastline.


ImageImageJames 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…”

Copyright © 2013 Dr. M. Teresa Trascritti

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