Sometimes God speaks through an email…

I have been teaching online classes for a few years now. Over the last few months I kept wondering if anything I did really mattered—maybe I should do something different, maybe I’m not as encouraging as I thought I was, maybe I’m just wasting my time, etc.

Today I received an email from one of my students from this past semester. She is graduating in May and she had to write a paper discussing the five classes that impacted her. My class was one of them— “I wanted you to have a copy you were such a big part of. I really enjoyed your online class.” I was so touched by the email and the paper because not only did I teach that class, but I also wrote it—picked out the books and created the assignments.

The student writes: “This was my one and only online class, and I was intimidated going into this type of learning environment. I found that I enjoyed the setting and learned more by doing more on my own. My instructor was Dr. Maria Trascritti (Dr. T.) I was challenged by her correction of my work.  It was constructive and helped me immensely…The seven step decision making process is important to my work now and the work I plan on doing in the future within the health care industry

I will be prompted to ask myself if the decisions I am making will impact others positively or negatively, who will benefit, and if what I decide will glorify God… One of the most memorable ethical situations that was brought to light while I was taking this course related to a scripture from Malachi 3:8 NLT, “Will a mere mortal rob God? Yet you rob me. “But you ask, ‘How are we robbing you?’ “In tithes and offerings.”

In the work place just as in church or charity if we are withholding, we are taking or stealing what rightfully belongs to the workplace.  When an employee is actively not doing what they know they should be doing it is the same as stealing if they are taking payment for the day’s work.”

I have always felt that if I could impact just one student, then all of this work is “worth it.” I am thankful to God that I was able to influence this student in such a positive way. God is good!

Copyright © 2014 Dr. M. Teresa Trascritti

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