The visit with my mother

Last night I visited my mother for the last time.


Today my husband and I start our long trip back home. I feel a little sad. My mother doesn’t live in a very good apartment— some of the ceiling tiles have fallen, the floors in the bedroom are warped, and the indoor plumbing needs to be fixed.

I feel like I didn’t have enough time to ensure that she will be alright. I wanted to find another apartment for her— an apartment with good indoor plumbing and on only one level so she wouldn’t have to climb stairs every day.

Even though we didn’t accomplish that, there were other positive things that happened.

I was able to talk to my mother about Christ. She said she didn’t like religion, but I told her that it’s not about a religion; it’s about a relationship. After talking for a little while, she said that she had a couple of Baptist friends who attend a Bible study and that they had asked her several times to join them. I encouraged her to go with them.

My mother’s apartment was extremely hot and humid, especially in her bedroom, so we bought her a portable air conditioner and installed it for her. Now her room is cool and comfortable.

I saw how God provided wonderful people to take care of her:

The honest tricycle driver, Neptune, who drove all over town to find my mother’s medications today and makes sure that she keeps her doctor’s appointments; Jocelyn, the teenaged relative who is helping with cooking and cleaning; Ate, the lady next door who gave my mother soup when she was ill (she is also a Christian); Emma, my mother’s niece who makes sure that the monthly bills are paid; and her friend that helped her file paperwork so she can receive benefits after the death of my stepfather.


I pray that God will continue to take care of my mother and that she will come to trust Him.

Copyright © 2014 Dr. M. Teresa Trascritti

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