We are reading through Exodus now and this morning we read about Moses leading the Israelites through the Red Sea (Exo 14). This was not a simple feat. The Red Sea is a body of water about 220 miles wide.  To put this into perspective—the state of Ohio is said to be “220 miles long and 220 miles wide at its most distant points” (

One would think that the Israelites would be in an everlasting state of awe after witnessing such an incredible act of God, but in the next chapter of Exodus it mentions that the Israelites traveled three days “without finding any water” when they started to complain (Exo 15:22, 24). They started complaining only three days after witnessing the parting of the Red Sea!

It made me think about how easily we forget when God has worked in our lives—prayers He had answered, situations He had worked out, etc. We can’t expect a miracle everyday (Matt 12:39) otherwise there would be no need for faith (Luke 8:25).

When was the last time God worked in your life? Cling to that memory and have faith that God is still with you.

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