It started with a letter by Beth Moore. I have always felt that women were devalued in the Southern Baptist denomination, but it wasn’t until I saw what happened to Dr. Patterson that it was confirmed.

Women should not be counseled to stay in an abusive marriage, and they should not be scrutinized, shamed, and silenced when they have been raped. I feel that Dr. Patterson used his position of power to protect the men that were involved in these cases. He should be reprimanded for this, but instead he was given an honorary title, compensated with pay, and given a home on campus— he was rewarded. The way this was handled reeks of a “good ol’ boy” system.

As a woman, I am outraged. The “good ol’ boy system” needs to end. There is no place for it in the 21st century, but more importantly, there is no place for it in the body of Christ.

Copyright © 2018 Dr. M. Teresa Trascritti

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